EDCON 2024 Hacker Houses: A Unified Effort

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the builder ecosystem, focusing on Autonomous World (AW) building fully onchain games, social applications built with Zero-Knowledge (Zk) through WaveHack, and the intersection of creativity and technology, emphasizing public goods through the EDCON Creator + Hacker House.

Innovation should be collaborative and interoperable, and we are proud to host hacker houses that align with this vision, each bringing a unique focus to the broader themes of EDCON!


Separate Houses, Joint Programming:
Run separate houses but offer joint programming from July 15 leading up to EDCON, culminating in a stage where everyone can present their innovations.
Collaborative Innovation
Foster an environment where innovation thrives through collaboration and interoperability.
Diverse Focus Areas
From social applications leveraging Zero-Knowledge technology to the creative synergy between art and public goods, our hacker houses cover a wide spectrum of the Web3 ecosystem.
Spotlight Builders & Good Projects
Highlight your contributions and join the global community in building something unique and transformative.


WaveHack x ZkSync
WaveHack is dedicated to exploring the potential of Zero-Knowledge (Zk) technology in building social applications. Participants will tackle three exciting challenges:

1. $30,000 Build a Game or SocialFi application
2. $15,000 Build an application using zkSync’s Native Account Abstraction
3. $5,000 Write a Builder Tutorial or Technical Content
WaveHack aims to accelerate the development and adoption of Zk technology, providing builders with the resources and mentorship needed to create impactful applications.
AW Tokyo × Komorebi’s Hacker House
Focus: Fully Onchain Games

AW Tokyo is a hacker house focusing on the development of fully onchain games. This initiative aims to provide a "turning point" for young individuals interested in crypto and for those who have already released products in the AW/FOCG domain. By hosting this hacker house, we aim to help builders based in Asia release even better products, fostering innovation in the AW space.
Supported by Kismet Casa
Focus: Intersection of Creativity and Public Goods

Supported by Kismet Casa, EDCON Creator + Hacker House is dedicated to exploring the intersection of creativity and technology, focusing on public goods. Kismet Casa brings extensive experience running hybrid houses where hackers and creators collaborate to produce collective work. This initiative champions art as a universal language, bridging diverse communities within Web3 and inspiring newcomers. By leveraging artistic expression and focusing on building public goods, the event aims to democratize access to Web3 technologies.


De University of Ethereum


Online buildathon starts
Date: Monday, July 1st,2024
Joint Programming across Houses
Online & in-person sessions with mentors to accelerate building.
Hackers & Creators In Person Check-in. Welcome Party
Date: Wednesday, July 15th, 2024
Project Presentation at UNU
Date: Friday, July 26th, 2024
Apply NOW and BUILD with Us!
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